Transcription Request

All transcripts are prepared by Court Reporting Services’ approved contractual typists.  All transcript requests will receive a quote for the approximate cost of the transcript.  The cost estimate is based upon calculation formula using time duration of the actual recorded proceedings.  Please know that in most cases 50 percent deposit of the cost quote is required in order to begin the transcription process.  Acceptable methods of payment are cashier’s check, money order or attorney’s check.  All proceeds must be made payable to the State of Florida, or electronic deposit payment may be made via LexisNexis VitalChek Network, Inc.’s electronic payment, which will also be subject to their minimum processing service fee.  Court Reporting Services does not accept personal checks or cash payment.

The cost for transcripts and applicable mailing are as follows:

Original plus 1 copy = $5.00 per page

Copies = $1.00 per page

CD media mailer = $4.13 USPS Rate

Priority mail = $9.85 USPS Rate

Transcription Request Form


The Certificate of Service for all Designation to Court Reporter, Notice of Appeal, and Motion to Supplement the Record should include Court Reporting Services, 218 South Second Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34950, E-filed at All questions regarding these types of transcripts should be directed to Court Reporting Services at (772)462-1879, or via email at

The cost for appeal transcripts are as follows:

Original plus 2 copies = $6.00 per page

Dependency appeals – original plus 3 copies = $7.00 per page (mandatory 20-day transcript filing)