For family mediations:

“Until further notice, all family mediations are being conducted remotely. A representative from the mediation program will be in contact with all parties at least 48 hours before each scheduled mediation session to coordinate remote appearances.” 

The Mediation Program of the 19th Judicial Circuit gives parties involved in a legal dispute the opportunity to settle differences. The emotional distress resulting from a dispute can be more of an issue than just the money at stake, and many times there is not a clear-cut party "at fault." These cases benefit from the informal, private, and confidential setting that the mediation program can provide. All decision-making authority rests with the parties, and mediators use a variety of techniques to empower the individuals and transform the conflict.  Mediation is a tremendous help to judges and litigants, as well as the greater community.

Certification by the Florida Supreme Court is required for mediators to mediate in the court system. For more information on alternative dispute resolution, please go to

Small Claims Mediation

Small claims mediation is comprised of many hard-working and talented professionals.  These cases are for claims for relief less than $8,000.  If the issues are resolved in mediation, the parties have saved time and money. If the issues are not resolved in mediation, the parties have their day in court.

County Civil Mediation

County civil mediation includes requests for relief that are over $8,000 and less than $50,000..  These cases often involve disputes regarding contracts, insurance, condominiums, and many other issues. Before setting a case for trial, the judge may require that the parties attempt to resolve the issues through mediation. The mediation is scheduled through our program for a specific date and a mediator with specific subject area knowledge is assigned to the case.

Family Mediation

Family mediation involves parties to a divorce, paternity, or similar family matter.  Parties having a combined income of up to $100,000.00 may utilize the 19th Judicial Circuit Mediation Program. The mediators assist parties in identifying issues, solutions and alternatives, always keeping in mind the best interests of their children when children are involved. The mediator’s objective during the session is to help parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement on disputed issues: parenting arrangements, child support, property/debt division, and other issues.