Drug Court

Adult Drug Court

The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Adult Drug Court is a voluntary, court-supervised treatment-based program available to individuals who have been charged with felony drug related offenses and who have a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder. Adult Drug Court provides a multidisciplinary team of diverse professionals and community leaders who coordinate rehabilitative services to support defendants throughout their time in the program. Defendants who successfully complete the program will have developed the skills and resources needed to help manage their substance use disorder while working toward reintegrating themselves back into the community. Meanwhile, adult drug courts nationwide have been shown to be effective in reducing crime and increasing public safety, producing a significant cost savings to communities.

Individuals may enter Adult Drug Court in two ways:

  1. Diversion to Adult Drug Court upon entering a plea.  Participation at this stage is available for only certain charges, and only for defendants who have no more than two prior non-violent felony convictions and no history of violence. Defendants charged with a felony offense can expect to participate in the program for a duration determined by the court based on the clinical needs of each defendant, depending on the defendant’s participation and progress in the program. Once a defendant successfully completes the program, their plea is withdrawn and their criminal charges are dismissed.  If a defendant does not successfully participate in the program, the presiding judge can terminate further participation and impose a sentence.


  1. Adult Drug Court as a condition of probation.  The presiding judge may sentence a defendant to probation with a special condition that the defendant participate in adult drug court, comply with all its requirements, and successfully complete the program. If a defendant does not successfully participate or complete the program, a violation of probation can be filed. If a defendant successfully completes the program, their criminal charges are not dismissed, however, early termination of their probation can be considered.  Adult drug court as a condition of probation is available to a defendant with non-violent charges and no history of violence.


Pursuant to the statute, if the facts and circumstances of the case suggest the involvement in the dealing and/or selling of controlled substances, the court shall deny admission into the adult drug court program. 

If you are a defendant who is interested in Adult Drug Court and believe you may be eligible to participate in the program, please consult with your lawyer or e-mail the Adult Drug Court program at problemsolvingcourts@circuit19.org.