Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information must I have ready before asking for an interpreter?
    Language requested, Courthouse, date of hearing, type of hearing, defendant name, case number (if available,) appointed judge, magistrate, or hearing officer.

  2. I have a court date and I do not speak English. Can I have an interpreter?
    If your court date corresponds to a case within the list of proceeding covered, yes.

  3. How much does the interpreter service cost?
    Court interpreter services are paid by the State.

  4. I have to appear in court and I do not speak English, can a friend or family member interpret for me when I come to court?
    If your case is on the list of proceedings covered, no.
    If your case is not on the list, you should ask the judge, magistrate, or hearing officer about it.

  5. I am representing myself (pro se), can I have an interpreter?
    If your case is on the list of proceedings covered, yes. Otherwise, no.

  6. If you have the interpreting services, why can’t you take my case?
    We serve the courts, not individuals.

  7. Can you refer me to an interpreting service agency or individual?
    Check the Florida Courts web page,, under the Court Interpreters section for certified, provisionally approved, or registered interpreters in your area. We do not provide information on interpreting agencies or individuals.