Magistrate Terry A. Slusher


• Civil

Additional Information

Scheduling and Procedures

IMPORTANT!!! Please download and review Magistrate Slusher’s Courtroom Guidelines and Procedures – Civil Jury before contacting his assistant regarding scheduling and calendar issues. Your email will need to have the following information: your name; the name of the party you are representing; the county in which your motion/petition has been filed, your case number; the title of the motion or supplemental petition you are trying to schedule, as well as the date on which it was filed; an estimate of the time required for the hearing and dates of unavailability. YOU MUST COPY ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE OTHER PARTY OR THEIR ATTORNEY IF THEY HAVE ONE.

Pro-Se Parties

The Magistrate is not permitted to speak with parties outside of courtroom proceedings at a properly noticed proceeding or read letters, emails, or other forms of communication. This type of communication is called ex parte communication and is prohibited by the ethical rules governing judicial behavior.

The Magistrate is not permitted to hear any matters that have not been properly raised by any motion or petition pending before the court and that have not been properly noticed for hearing.