Our Problem Solving Court Judges

“Specialty courts,” also known as “problem-solving courts,” address the root causes of social problems by intensive, individualized judicial team supervision aimed at rehabilitation. These “specialty courts,” including a court just for military veterans, treat “clients” who suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. The goal of these courts is to avoid “clients” from reoffending; changing their lives in a permanent, positive way. Over the last two decades, our circuit has been a leader in implementing these courts. Though we are only approximately three percent of Florida’s population, we have nearly ten percent of all “specialty courts” within the state. For more information on this topic, see the Florida Supreme Court’s website on this topic: https://www.flcourts.org/Resources-Services/Court-Improvement/Problem-Solving-Courts.

Judges who preside over these courts must dedicate a great deal of their time from their otherwise busy dockets. They do this to affect positive change in the lives of those impacted by these social problems. The chief judge especially recognizes them and commends them for their service.


Specialty Court Judges: