March 6, 2018

Approximately 80 people filled the Jury Assembly Room at the St. Lucie County Courthouse to hear Circuit Judges, Sherwood Bauer, Charles Schwab, and Michael Heisey present on the evening’s topics, Family Law and Juvenile Law. St. Lucie County Judge and Your Courts Up Close 2018 organizer, Daryl Isenhower hosted the program.

Judges Bauer and Schwab started the evening off with a thorough presentation on Dissolution of Marriage, Adoptions, and Injunctions for Protection. A clear highlight of the presentation was a comedic video presented on divorce. Judges Schwab and Bauer’s tag team approach covered many important topics in a divorce proceeding, and they fielded numerous questions. Adoptions were discussed, as were Injunctions for Protection. It was clear from the questions, that these Judges could have presented for the full evening on dissolution of marriage alone.

Judge Heisey presented next on Juvenile Law, and walked the audience through a thorough explanation of Juvenile Delinquency, the process, timeframes for holding a youth in secure detention and house arrest, speedy trial, and dispositional options. This presentation also spurred many questions, to which Judge Heisey responded with a clear mastery of this area of the law.

The evening wrapped up with Judge Isenhower reminding the participants of the 3 night attendance requirement for a certificate, and indicating that the presentations for the fourth night on Tuesday, March 13th will be Small Claims cases and a panel discussion.