New Upcoming 19th Judicial Circuit aiCalendar. 

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We are excited to inform you about an upcoming enhancement to our court calendar system. In our continuous effort to improve efficiency and provide a more advanced user experience, we are in the process of implementing a new calendar system called aiCalendar.

What's Happening:

  • Coexistence: While we continue to use our Classic Calendar System, we're gradually transitioning to aiCalendar.
    Both systems will be operational during this transition phase. aiCalendar will be adopted incrementally as the Judicial team and Judge go live.

  • Access and Features: With aiCalendar, you have the power to personally select available days and time slots, offering the flexibility needed to efficiently plan your court days  in a manner that suits your unique schedule

  • Prepare: To utilize our scheduling features and gain access to available hearings, users are required to sign up on aiCalendar.       

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