Family Division

The Family Division hears cases concerning dissolutions of marriage, child custody and support, adoptions, paternity, modification proceedings, name changes, URESA (interstate child support enforcement), and domestic violence injunction (including repeat, dating, stalking, and sexual violence) cases.


The eFiling portal website provides eFiling and eRecording capability to users with a single statewide login. In the Supreme Court, use of the eFiling Portal became mandatory on April 1, 2013. Read the Order. You also can Pay Fees using the Portal.

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To request eFiling support, please email or call (850) 577-4609.


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Florida Supreme Court Forms

Online forms for Pro-Se Litigants

Form A - Family Case Inquiry / Update

Select the County of Case:

Form B - Request for Hearing of Pleading/Motion in Open Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement Case

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Local Family Division Forms

Administrative Orders

  • 05-09 Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course in Family Law Cases
  • 15-02 Parenting Coordination in Family Law Classes
  • 15-12A Unified Family Court (UFC)
  • 08-11 Mediation of Family Cases
  • 13-05 Child Support Enforcement

Batterer Intervention Program

Parenting Coordinators

Parent Education Course List by Circuit


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