Criminal Division

Circuit Criminal

The Circuit Criminal Division hears major criminal (felony) cases where the resulting penalty can be death or imprisonment in a state penitentiary for one year (365 days) or more. This division also hears appeals from the County Criminal Court.

Adult Drug Court

The Program offers drug offenders the chance to avoid prosecution, get off drugs and change their lives in a positive direction.

Veterans Treatment Court

The Program offers non-violent felony veteran offenders the opportunity to avoid prosecution and improve their quality of life.

County Criminal

The County Court Criminal Division consists of minor criminal misdemeanor cases, criminal traffic matters, municipal and county ordinance violations, and Civil Traffic Infractions. Minor criminal misdemeanor cases include violations such as petit theft, simple battery, and trespassing. Criminal Traffic matters, includes violations for DWLS( Driving While license suspended ), DUI (Driving under the influence), NVDL(No valid drivers license).

Civil Traffic infractions, which are non-criminal related violations, consists of moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations such as speeding and running a red light may assess points on your license, whereas non-moving violations, such as Expired registration or no seatbelt, will not assess points against your license. Criminal Traffic matters as well as minor misdemeanor violations, are exclusively handled by Judges and may be punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for less than one year. A higher percentage of Civil Traffic violations are heard by Civil Traffic hearing Officers however, accident cases with injuries and those in which a judge is requested are heard by judges.

Programs and Services

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