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St. Lucie: 45% Domestic Relations Cases including Injunctions for Protection (A-Ji of alphabet); All Delinquency Cases; Detention Hearings.

Uniform Motion Calendars/Special Set Hearings (1 hour or less, non-evidentiary)
St. Lucie County Family Online Scheduling

Judge Schwab utilizes the St. Lucie County Online Calendaring System for Uniform Motions Calendars (UMC) and for Special Set Hearings (1 hour or less and non-evidentiary in nature). You may schedule your hearing using the St. Lucie Online Calendaring System see link above. Please note: When coordinating the time and date for the hearing you must coordinate the amount of time necessary for the hearing. ONLY the amount of time scheduled for the hearing will be allowed. NO additional time will be allowed. If you need to schedule a hearing that will require more than one hour, or that is evidentiary in nature, please contact the Judicial Assistant for dates/times that are available. The notice of hearing and a copy of the motion should be provided to the Judge’s Office at least 5 days prior to the hearing. The notice of hearing must contain a Good Faith Certification.

Juvenile Delinquency:

To schedule a juvenile delinquency hearing please contact the Juvenile Clerk's Office at (772) 462-6800.


Please be advised that you must contact the domestic violence clerk at (772) 462-6911 to schedule any and all hearings in domestic violence cases. Do not schedule domestic violence hearings on the court’s online calendar.


Please do not fax to this office without prior approval. Faxes received by this office without prior approval will not be considered by the court.

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Motion for Visitation (doc) (pdf)
Order of Referral to Family Mediation (doc) (pdf)
Petition to Seal or Expunge (doc) (pdf)
Seal-Expunge Instructions (doc) (pdf)
Verified Pro Se Petition to Reopen Case (doc) (pdf)

Family Mediation:

Family mediation involves parties to a divorce, paternity, or similar family matter. Parties having a combined income of up to $100,000.00 may utilize the 19th Judicial Circuit Mediation Program. The mediators assist parties in identifying issues, solutions and alternatives, always keeping in mind the best interests of their children when children are involved. The mediator’s objective during the session is to help parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement on disputed issues: parenting arrangements, child support, property/debt division, and other issues.

Please see our Mediation Program Tab on the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit website for further information.

When submitting an order of referral to Family Mediation, your cover letter must state the combined income for the parties and that both parties have current financial affidavits of record. Please use the form Order of Referral to Family Mediation.



You may serve copies of all motions, notice of hearings and proposed orders (if a hearing is set, do not submit until after the hearing) to knowlesg@circuit19.org . This office will file the original order with the clerk’s office and serve copies via E-Service/Mail to the E-Mail addresses provided. The party submitting the proposed order is responsible for serving copies on all parties that do not have an E-Mail address. Please make sure your service list reflects how the copies are being served.


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Post Judgment Matters
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