Honorable Judge William L. Roby

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Martin: All Civil Jury Trial Cases and Mortgage Foreclosure Cases; Assist with Civil Non-Jury Cases.

FAX #: To be used only upon approval by Judicial Assistant.

CIVIL – Online Calendaring System

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UMC Hearings

5-10 minutes at any Civil UMC date and time.

Civil Motions up to one hour

(Evidentiary and Non-evidentiary) at any time indicated as “Civil Special Set”.

CIVIL-Set with Judicial Assistant

Hearings requiring more than one hour: Any hearing requiring more than one hour must be scheduled by contacting the Judicial Assistant. You must know the amount of time both parties will require for the hearing before contacting the judicial assistant.

Notice of Hearing

Your notice of hearing must contain a Certificate that states the matter has been coordinated with the opposing party/counsel and that you have contacted opposing counsel in an effort to resolve the issue(s), however, the matter cannot be resolved and a hearing is necessary. (Note: the special certification requirements for discovery disputes) .

Please note:

Calendars will be posted as soon as available and will be updated when necessary. Please be sure to check the calendars frequently. DO NOT contact the Judicial Assistant to inquire when a calendar will be posted.


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