Honorable Judge F. Shields McManus

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Martin: All Civil Jury Trial Cases and Mortgage Foreclosure Cases.

The court encourages the use of email for delivery of notices of hearing, motions, pleadings, memoranda, three-ring-binder materials, letters, stipulations, and proposed orders to be signed in chambers. Paper copies of proposed orders and stamped envelopes are still necessary for orders to be signed in the courtroom.


DO NOT SCHEDULE any matters in the Family Division after January 2nd, as Judge McManus is moving to the Civil Division. (See Civil Procedures for 2015)

Attorneys may schedule UMC hearings (10 minutes or less) as well as Special Set Motions (45 minutes or under) using the online scheduling program. Parties will be restricted to the time they allotted for the hearing. The calendar will indicate when the UMC, Pre-Judgment, and Post-Judgment hearings are to be scheduled. The website is https://slccjis.stlucieco.gov/attorney_calendar . Users must register to obtain a user id and password on the site. Copies of motions and notice of hearings must be sent to the Judicial Assistant. The Court reserves the discretion to reject any scheduling. Attorneys who repeatedly abuse the online scheduling may be denied further privileges of self-scheduling. Non-evidentiary motions may be denied without hearing, e.g., motions to dismiss.

Longer hearings must be set with the Judicial Assistant after sending a copy to the Judicial Assistant. Attorneys should consult the Judge’s on-line calendar and confer with opposing counsel on mutually convenient dates before calling the J.A.


This court accepts service of motions, cover letters, and proposed orders by email per Rule 2.516.  This is a substitute for service by mail.  Documents are to be attached to the email.  This court will not engage in communication with counsel and parties by email beyond transmittal of attachments.


Civil Procedures for 2015

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