Honorable Judge Dwight L. Geiger

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St. Lucie: All Civil Jury Cases; Probate and Guardianship Cases; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Cases.


Judge Croom's Procedures

Honorable Janet Carney Croom will take the bench in St. Lucie County Circuit Civil Jury Trail, Probate, Guardianship and Mental Divisions on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Judge Croom’s on-line self-scheduling calendar will be available on that date. Special Set hearings lasting up to 30 minutes can be scheduled using the on-line calendaring system.

JA Barbara Huth can be reached by email at huthb@circuit19.org


Judge Geiger's Procedures

1. SCHEDULING OF A HEARING. Please be advised as of today, May 13, 2013, Self-scheduling will be limited to 8:45 Uniform Motion Calendar Hearings.

To schedule a special-set hearing, you must either call this office at 772-462-1460 or email the Judicial Assistant, Lynn McClure, at mcclurel@circuit19.org.

All special-set hearings presently appearing on the Online Self-scheduling Dockets are noted and will not need to be reset via phone or email.

2. FILING OF DOCUMENTS. E-filing your documents with the Clerk of Court is required; however, Judge Geiger requires that you send our copy of the Notice and Motion with attachments via USPS or another mail service or via delivery to our courthouse box at the St. Lucie County Courthouse. Do not e-mail or fax documents to this office without prior approval.

3. ADDRESSES & PHONE NUMBERS. On Certificates of Service and “copies furnished”, in addition to the e-filing address, please provide a physical address and phone number for yourself and all attorneys and/or parties.

4. MAILING & ENVELOPES. Please be advised that Judge Geiger’s office will NO LONGER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, mail by U.S. Postal Service OR e-mail conformed copies OR ANYpleadings OR ANY other documents WITHOUT the parties or other persons providing  self-addressed, accurate sized, postage appropriate envelopes.

If you do not provide correctly sized envelopes, with proper postage applied, as directed by Administrative Order No.88-7, you will NOT receive any Judgments, Notices for Trial, or Conformed orders. What it means: NO Postage stamped envelopes or sufficient copies to conform, NO documents will be returned to you.


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