Instructions for Audio Request

The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit is made up of four counties.

Electronic copies of court proceedings that have been digitally recorded are available for purchase through the Digital Court Reporting Office. The following are types of cases which are digitally recorded throughout the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit: Circuit Court Criminal, County Court Criminal, Domestic Violence Hearings, and hearings heard before Magistrates and Hearing Officers. Proceedings that are confidential in nature, such as Mental Health, Juvenile Dependency, and Juvenile Delinquency may be obtained only if an individual is a party to the case or by court order. These requests must be picked up in person and the individual must provide proper identification (driver’s license, state identification, or passport).

An Audio Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Digital Court Reporting Office. Please note that there are two versions of the electronic copy of the proceedings. You must specify which version you want on the Audio Request Form. Below are the two ways audio may be requested

1. A compact disc with a self-executing software program that can be utilized on a personal computer (PC Version CD)

2. A compact disc in a wave format that can be utilized in a standard CD player (Audio Version CD).

The attorney of record or a party in the court case must complete and sign the Acknowledgement of Prohibition Against Dissemination form. This form must be mailed back with your money order and request form.

All discs cost $25.00 each. This price includes all shipping and handling charges. Please note that the confidential proceedings listed above must be picked up in person. Additionally, the person that is picking up this audio must provide proper identification (driver’s license, state identification, or passport). Payment must be made by money order and made payable to the State of Florida. The payment and request form must be received before the audio request will be processed.

*Please allow 2 to 3 business days to process an audio request.

Please submit this request along with money order to:
State of Florida
Court Administration
Digital Court Reporting Office
140 Courthouse Addition
218 South Second Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

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