Residential Mortgage Foreclosure

In the 19th Judicial Circuit, commercial mortgage foreclosure cases and residential lien foreclosure cases, except residential mortgage foreclosures, are assigned to the circuit civil division in the respective counties. Residential mortgage foreclosure cases are assigned according to the Administrative Order establishing judicial assignments for those particular cases. This circuit utilizes case managers to assist with managing residential mortgage foreclosure cases. Additional dockets have been set in St. Lucie County to provide more hearing time to increase the court's ability to effectively manage the large number of residential mortgage foreclosure filings. The procedures for setting residential mortgage foreclosure cases on dockets to be heard in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court should be strictly followed. Failure to comply with the procedures may result in your case not being heard. Please see the judge's individual procedures for cases set before: Judge Cox in Indian River County, Judge McManus in Martin County, and Judge Sweet in Okeechobee County.

    Administrative Orders:

    • Administrative Order 2010-03 (Model Administrative Order)
    • Administrative Order 2010-08 (Foreclosure Final Judgments)
    • Administrative Order 2010-09 (Electronic Judicial Sales Procedures)
    • Administrative Order 2011-01 (Amendment to Foreclosure Final Judgments)
    • Administrative Order 2011-06 (Model Administrative Order Amended)
    • Administrative Order 2012-01 (Termination of Managed Mediation Program For Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases)
    • Administrative Order 2013-01 (Required Submission of Service Lists In Residential Foreclosure Cases)
      Administrative Order 2013-13 (Case Status Reporting Requirements for Real Property Mortgage Foreclosure Cases)

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure mediation program (RMFM)

The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program was piloted in the 19th Judicial Circuit in March 2009, and has evolved over time into a program consistent with mandates of the Florida Supreme Court regarding residential mortgage foreclosure mediation.

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